Women are not small men and they need healthcare practitioners who celebrate this.

Women are standing up and demanding better health options. As healthcare practitioners, we need to support them. Women’s health is a huge area and there is so much we can do to improve the lives of the women we see.

Join us for a day packed with passionate speakers, network within a multi-disciplinary environment and explore how you can best support women to live the healthiest lives possible.



Addressing a wide range of topics identified within the draft Women's health strategy 2020-2030, the symposium offers a unique opportunity to explore how we can improve women's health in Australia. Designed to encourage interaction and collaboration, this event creates a setting for practitioners to reflect on their experiences, explore opportunities to support women in health and draw inspiration from other professions.


Drawing from a diverse, multi-disciplinary array of professionals, the symposium offers an unrivaled opportunity to develop lasting alliances, and to understand our scope of practice within the wider health community. Through the sharing of knowledge and personal experience, participants can gain insights that will extend far beyond the event itself. The symposium creates a powerful opportunity for collaboration on important, yet often overlooked issues in women's health.


Gathering together leaders in their field, the symposium allows participants to explore their passion for women's health. The break-out sessions offer unique opportunities to explore topics in depth and ask questions to develop a deeper understanding of the issues that concern women. By sharing their unique skills and insights, the symposium speakers encourage participants to question deeply, think broadly and pursue their own unique vision of how healthcare professionals can empower the women they work with.