An Osteopath and an Exercise Physiologist met over a cup of coffee four years ago. Their agenda: ‘How to improve the care they provided to women’.

That conversation was life changing. We realized we were looking at problems from different angles. Both were valid, but they were different. And we realized, if we understood how to combine our skills, we could better treat the women in our care.

We started reaching out to other professions and saw this same pattern over and over again. The more we reached out, the more it became clear:

No single profession can solve women’s health. We HAVE to work together.

My name is Sarah Dryburgh. I’m an Osteopath with a passion for women’s health and for empowering the women I work with to live the best lives possible.

The conversations, support, learning and most importantly, the care I offer my patients has been so fundamentally changed through learning from other professions, that I felt compelled to share these opportunities with others.

This symposium is my way of reaching out and bringing more practitioners into the conversation.

I’ve experienced the incredible results women get when they see a multi-disciplinary team that communicates.

I work in private practice and I understand the difficulties of providing this type of care. But I also know that we’re not going to solve the BIG issues in women’s health by ignoring the power of understanding what other professions do.

We CAN do this in a community setting. I’ve seen my practice grow, my patients outcomes improve and my love of working in health return, the more I’ve reached out and worked with others.

There are so many incredible people who are working together to improve women’s health. This symposium is about bringing together speakers and practitioners to learn from each other, share their knowledge and ignite their passion to be part of the conversation:

How can we work together to improve the health of women in Australia?

We’re starting small, but we’re going to grow. I’m so excited to welcome each and every one of you to join us.

Be part of the conversation