Women’s Health is more than boobs and babies.

  • Women are 1.6 times more likely to suffer co-existing mental and physical illness.

  • Anxiety and depressive disorders are among the leading non-fatal disease burden for women

  • Endometriosis affects one in ten women, but there is an average delay in diagnosis of seven years in Australia

  • Over half of women living in Australia with incontinence are aged under 50 years. That equates to approximately 1.7 million women!

 As health-care practitioners, we need safe spaces to talk about all the issues that face women today so that we create the best solutions for our patients. We need to get creative and think about healthcare differently and we need to recognise that we can’t do it all alone.


The Women’s Health Symposium seeks to foster a culture of inter-professional collaboration so that we can improve and promote the health of women in our society.


How are we going to do that?

  • By bringing a diverse range of health professionals together to spark conversations about what women’s health really means.

  • By creating a safe space for inter-disciplinary networking

  • By asking difficult questions

  • By expanding our skill-set through learning from a range of speakers


Why is this symposium different?

The Women’s Health Symposium draws its inspiration from the ‘unconference’ movement, which is all about attendee participation. There are times when we’ll use the the traditional lecture format, but you’ll also have the opportunity to break out into smaller groups and ask your burning questions.

Our speakers have been encouraged to focus on the take-home messages, so that you won’t leave with a whole lot of knowledge that you’ll forget the next day. Instead you’ll leave equipped with key ideas that you can apply in clinic straight away.

Speakers and attendees will be encouraged to mingle at break-out sessions where you’ll get to ask questions about your speaker’s area of focus. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and dig deeply into the areas that interest them.


Who is this symposium for?

This is an event for health professionals interested in furthering the health of all women—our sisters, mothers, patients and colleagues. We openly encourage people of any gender to be part of the conversation and welcome all medical professionals, allied and complementary health practitioners who want to be part of the conversation.


Women all around the world are standing up for themselves. They are demanding better conditions and better treatment. As health professionals, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves in order to advocate, educate and support the women we treat to achieve the highest level of health possible.


We can change the face of women’s health. One conversation at a time.